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World War Z: Aftermath (PS4) - PlayStation 4

World War Z: Aftermath (PS4) - PlayStation 4

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    • Play as both new and returning characters as you take the fight to the undead with a brutal new melee system, decimating zekes with unique moves, perks and dual Wield weapon options like the sickle and cleaver. Fend off new undead monstrosities.
    • The Next generation of the zombie Swarm: play in glorious 4k|60 FPS. Endure endless waves of increasingly difficult zombies in the new horde mode XL game mode, featuring hundreds more zombies on screen than ever before possible.
    • Deep progression and a new perspective: experience a heart-pounding new perspective with aftermath's immersive new first-person mode option.
    • Level up eight unique classes: the gunslinger, hellraiser, Slasher, medic, fixer, exterminator, dronemaster, and all-new Vanguard class; each with their own perks and play styles.
    • Customize your weapons to survive any challenge, and conquer new daily missions with special modifiers for bonus rewards.
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