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Sims 2 (Cube) - Gamecube

Sims 2 (Cube) - Gamecube

SKU: 014633151282


  • Black Label version
  • Manual included
  • Disc is very clean
    • Each Sim has their own DNA -- take your Sims through generations and evolve their family tree
    • Fulfill your Sims' dreams - Do they want a life of family and romance? Great knowledge? Fame and fortune? Whatever they want, it's in your hands to get it for them
    • Take your Sims to all-new extremes - They'll get arrested, see ghosts, marry an alien or write a great novel
    • All new Create-A-Sim for unlimited creativity - design a Sim, their house, even their entire neighborhood
    • New in-game movie camera lets you watch the game from a whole new angle
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