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MLB The Show 22 MVP Edition (PS4)(PS5) - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

MLB The Show 22 MVP Edition (PS4)(PS5) - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

SKU: 711719554103


    • With the all-new MLB The Show, there are more ways than ever for gamers to play – craft the perfect team, round up your friends to see who’s champion of the couch or online, or spend an evening raking in homers as you progress your career to the big leagues in Road to the Show. Edition includes: Four Days Early Access, Full game - Dual Entitlement PS4 Disc + PS5 code*, One Diamond Choice pack, Two Gold Choice packs, One Ballplayer pack, 10 The Show packs, Double daily login rewards, Cover Athlete Themed Bat Skin, 10K Stubs.
    • New Stadium Creator additions: build your dream ballpark with a streamlined UI and enjoy night games in your stadium.
    • Seamless performance: lose yourself in the moment with smooth, targeted 60fps gameplay.
    • 4K resolution: experience the drama and excitement of gameday in crisp, dynamic 4K resolution.*
    • Haptic feedback: feel the impact of every hit, catch and collision through the DualSense™ wireless controller’s immersive sensory feedback
    • Tempest 3D AudioTech**: hear the roar of the crowd, shouts of your teammates and in-game sound effects in 360 degrees.
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